2019 Great Plains YP-1225A

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Great Plains



12-Row Bulk Fill

Compare refill times, row-spacing options, and bulk-fill capacities and you will agree that Yield-Pro® Planters are designed to make you more money and save you more time than any comparable planter on the market.

Simply load the onboard 82- or 150-bushel poly hopper or seed directly from the seed company’s bulk box and start planting! A 400-gallon starter fertilizer system featuring a ground-driven CDS-John Blue piston pump may be added to planters equipped with a seed company bulk box or 82-bushel hopper.

The patented air manifold delivers seed on demand to the row unit meters without any moving parts, increasing reliability while decreasing maintenance costs and seed damage. Keeton Seed Firmers®, Seed-Lok®, 400-gallon starter fertilizer system*, frame- or unit-mounted coulters, and/or row cleaners.

  • High Flotation: 14.9R46 R1 tires on the mainframe, coupled with the 19.0/45-17 wing tires, provide unmatched flotation for planters of this size.
  • Contact Drive Wheel: Pneumatic tire is spring loaded to provide slip-free drive. Variable speed hydraulic drive also available.
  • Central Fill: The central fill system can be fitted with an 82 bu. or 150 bu. hopper for maximum field efficiency and operator safety.
  • Canola Seed Disc: Canola producers will appreciate the precise singulation and spacing accuracy delivered by the canola seed disc from Great Plains. The specially-designed disc is part of our already extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets.
  • Air-Pro® Meter: This simple, positive air pressure meter offers the highest level of singulation on the market today, and achieves uniform spacing by "dead-dropping" seed into the patented Clear-Shot® seed tube. Exhaust is discharged close to and directly towards the ground, not up into the atmosphere, earning the Bee-Friendly™ title. Gentle on seeds, it is more efficient than a vacuum meter and requires less maintenance.
  • 25 Series Row Unit: The 25 Series row unit utilizes ductile cast parallel arms for long-term row unit stability. 15", 4mm blades turning on 205 triple-lip seal bearings ensure long life and accurate seed depth. Blades are offset ½" to slice residue and form a perfect seed trench.
Model Info
  • Model: YP-1225A
  • Row Spacings: 15", 20", 30", 36", TR30", TR36"
  • Tire Size: Rear 380/90R46, Wing 395/55B16.5
  • H.P. Requirements (Min): 140-205
  • Weight (Lbs.): 15,540 - 18,160
  • Width (No Markers): 30'
  • Width (Markers): 30'
  • Width (Transport): 13' 6"
  • Length (Transport): 36' 2"
  • Clearance (Transport): 22"
  • Height (Transport): 12' 2"
Opener Info
  • Opener Series: 25A Series
  • Opener Down Pressure: 250-500 lbs
  • Opener Travel (Up-Down): 10"
  • Opener Depth Range: 0-3.5"
  • Seed Capacity: Seed Company Bulk Box 82 bu Poly Hopper 150 bu Poly Hopper
  • Fertilizer Capacity: Optional 400 gal fertilizer tank (2x200) (Note: Will not work on 150-bushel hopper)



12 Rows


Working Width
30 ft.
Transport Length
36 ft. 2 in.
Transport Width
13 ft. 6 in.
Transport Height
12 ft. 2 in.

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